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Finding Your Niche Will Serve You and Your Clients Well


"Our industry really has a need for professionals that use their platforms to take a stand for things and to help be change-makers in our community. I think the general public oftentimes looks at real estate, certainly in a city like Denver, a growing city where the prices have gone high, and there's people that can't afford to live in certain neighborhoods anymore and all of that." Nicole's guest is Ryan Belinak from Live Urban Real Estate. 

His two big takeaway points for agents are these, Be kind to yourself, especially those who are new in the industry. Also, don't be afraid to adapt and put yourself out there. We have all learned new skills this past year and have had to listen to our own voices on playbacks more often than we thought possible.

Nicole says to and about Ryan:

This week I have Ryan Belinak with me, who is the Assistant Managing Broker for Live Urban real estate and also the head of recruiting. Ryan, you have been a pleasure to get to know. We've been able to work together a bit. And your energy, your positivity, your enthusiasm for the business, for serving your clients. It really is phenomenal.  I know that this new recruiting position that you've just taken on for Live Urban is going to not only suit you, but it's really going to capitalize on what makes you unique.

Listen to this 8 minute episode for more ideas and inspiration.

Be a leader for your clients.


Thank you for joining us for another agent talk This week I have Drew Morris, who I've got to know through DMARs Market Trends Committee. He jumped on just a little bit before I did about 2.5 years ago, and he's been a real estate agent for 7.5 years and I bring up the half because he claims it just like I claim my half an inch.


Drew Morris is with Your Castle Real Estate. I wanted to bring him on board because he has some of the same views I have and looking at real estate as a wealth-building opportunity and right now, having been through the most turbulent year I can personally remember and not being quite done yet. So how do we continue on our path to 2021 into 2022, 2023? How do we engage with our clients on a very personal level to continue to support their success in real estate?

There is so much news to absorb whether or not we'll get shut down again, whether or not or how long, I should say before a vaccine comes out and we can return to whatever new normal looks like. What would you, and how do you relate to your clients today? How do you keep engaged with them so that you continue to be that adviser for them? I think being a person that is experiencing it firsthand and being a, I think a voice of reason, a voice of confidence. A very like, in a way, is like being even-keeled approach to things. That's something that my clients always mention. It's almost like a common theme where they could always rely on me to just kind of be even-keeled about things. No matter what's going on, the house could be burning down, and I'm like, OK, Well, here's what we're gonna do, just work through it.


 So while everybody is ramping up help, trying to bring that back down and slow it down can be super helpful. And that's something that I learned from the Marine Corps, actually, because you have to be in that kind of setting. Dealing with friction and dealing with emotional responses and emotional environment and unstable environment. You know, again, bringing that to the table has been super helpful.


Nicole asked, "As far as being the even keel kind of advisor, I think that there's a lot of stress, especially this year. Small things become very big very quickly, and to be able to have that person standing beside you and walking through because the long term opportunity and you even said you know before we started recording is that one of your main focus is to continue to educate people and advise them on the power of real estate. Real estate is a wealth-building vehicle. I couldn't agree more with that, especially when we're in the turbulence of the stock market and the economy and the environment. The one thing real estate does is increase in value." 

Listen to this 10-minute episode to be inspired.

Financial Independence for Early Retirement through House Hacking


Nicole's guest today is Zeona McEntyre. In this episode, they talk about house hacking to financial freedom. House hacking is the way that Zeona thought to be financially independent. And her role now is really just to help empower people, inspire people and get them excited about what's possible. People they think, "Oh yeah, financial independence or early retirement, that's for other people, that can't happen for me. Or if I'm going to do that, it's going to take me 15 years." But she did it in two years with house hacking. She also believes it's really doable in five and traditional people that are doing just financial independence with index funds, they do it in about 10. So it's almost about just knowing it's possible and then allowing yourself to have that.

In this episode she talks about the foundations of financial independence. Some of the kind of like misnomers or confusion around it. She'll go into why, why would you want to house hack? Why would you want to share your home if it's your COVID palace, why would you want to do that? It better be for a good reason.

Shen then goes through four strategies that you can use, like four different ways you can house hack, as well as some case studies and resources at the end.

Zeona's story:

It all started when... Zeona's best friend got laid off from a big time job in New York City and could no longer afford his apartment. He called her one day excited to share his decision to travel with his new found "funemployment" funds and rent out his apartment on this website he just heard about called Airbnb. That was 2011....

After much persuading she finally decided to give it a try and never looked back!

Fast forward nearly 8 years and a whole lot of hospitality magic later. Zeona now owns seven properties, manages 20 (& counting! worldwide). She teaches others how to invest in properties with Airbnb in mind & create automated businesses. She lives in Boulder, CO half of the year and spends the other time traveling the world as an International Pet/House sitter.

Making Your Professional Memberships Work for You

Making Your Professional Membership Work for You - Mike Papantonakis

This week we spent time with Mike Papantonakis, newly inaugurated DMAR Market Chair and agent with Re/Max Alliance. He is one of the new leaders of DMAR but leadership isn't new to Mike. Together we explore how his experience gives him the strength he needs to lead DMAR's Board as well as champion his clients.

He reminds us that when we question the value of professional memberships, we have to remember to also ask, "What did I put into that membership? How did I participate? You only get out what you put in.

"We can not continue to do business the way we do business today. We're always going to have to be looking for a better way and a new way to do things."

- Mike Papantonakis


Nicole Rueth
The Rueth Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
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Use Your Extra Time to Learn All You Can and Add Value

Jill Schafer on The Double Comma Club

Jill Schafer is Nicole's guest in this episode talking about smoothing the path to homeownership to get to the celebration. That's done through continuous education on behalf of our clients.

Jill says, "understanding the market and educating our clients that's not something they could just pick up online I mean, they can read the article, but they are going to get that microneighborhood information that we can provide and getting information on just their price point or their area, or are they looking at attached and detached and that's something that report really provides and you know we can provide it to our clients, but we need to still explain how that relates to them. And so it's focusing on how I can try to make that process smoother for them in every possible and make it a celebration."

Tune in for some sage advice from this seasoned Real Estate professional.

Daily Disciplines and Increasing Your Value

Dina Piterniece on the Double Comma Club

Some of what Dina Piterniece has done to keep communicating with her clients and prospects includes:

  1. Picking up the PHONE and TALKING to them about something other than real estate.
  2. "Thinking about you" cards to clients.
  3. Sending out a regular newsletter with positive ideas.
  4. Keeping them updated as the rates kept changing in case they were able to take advantage of the situation.
  5. Increasing your services, resources to pass along to them. 

Her advice to fine-tune 2020 is to stick with the items that work for you best. Everyone has their specialties. Look for ways to increase your value and knowledge. 

Nicole Rueth
The Rueth Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
750 W Hampden Avenue, Suite 500
Englewood, CO 80110

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Celebrating the Resiliency of Agents


Nicole's guest, Amanda Snitker, stated it perfectly in this episode, "We were uniquely prepared for the current market and situation, as agents." The only thing she would change is to not be so tired from everything since April. That means she's busy. That's something to celebrate. She's fine being tired, she didn't want to miss a moment, or opportunity to help her clients. 

She comes from two great examples in the industry, her own parents. She learned core values from them, saw their example of how to treat clients. What a gift they gave her. 

Her takeaway for all of you agents is not a new concept or adage, but fitting for these times. Take it one day at a time. 


Getting Out of Your Own Way

Piper Knoll Madison and Company

Pipe Knoll gives all of you some very logical tips to succeed during these times and any time.  She says, "This is the time to double down on communicating with clients and being the person that's there to care."

And when she started to realize that she was actually becoming her own worst enemy and holding herself back from success. She just started to really build on her showing who she is to people and once she started to really open up and get out of her own way and stop trying to pretend to be a real estate robot she really had her business take off.


She took her own advice after crying to two days at the initial shut down and started calling her clients and connections.  "Hey, how are you? How's your family? is your job Okay? Is the family healthy? How can I help? Is there anything you need ?"  And all of a sudden that started this turned into a business thing that she did not expect. Listen to the rest of this 8-minute episode.


About Piper:

After several years in the insurance industry, she realized that selling homes, rather than insuring them, was much more up her alley and she earned her real estate license in 2005. She has led the charge perfecting their team’s systems and processes over the years, helping our buyers and sellers navigate their real estate transactions extremely well-prepared and with ease! Knowledge is power and she looks for every opportunity to meet with clients and educate them on the Denver market and the home buying and selling process.

Stay Active and Talk to People To Remain Valuable

Jenn Routon Madisoon and Co Propeties

When Nicole talked to Jenn about rolling with change and continuing to grow her business, the answers are so logical but easy to forget. Get some valuable reminders from Jenn as you do your best to not freak out with the constant changes in this time of masks, no masks, go out, stay home confusion. Relationships are the constant. The need for people and interacting doesn't change.


Jen Routon, Realtor® combines her love for real estate with her passion for working with great people to help them find the perfect home. Jen’s real estate career began in the Denver multifamily industry 20 years ago. In 2013, she joined Madison & Company Properties and hasn’t looked back. Jen is consistently in the “Top 10 Agents”. She currently serves on the Denver Metro Association of Realtors Board of Directors, Colorado’s largest Realtor Board.

Succeed During Change With Excellence and Ethics

Bridgett Modglin


Today's Agent Talk features a professional who raises the bar for all agents. Excellence and ethics are the core of what drives her to treat each client and listing - no matter what price range the same, with the same care and dedication. Get to know her in this edition of The Double Comma Club.

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