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Be a leader for your clients.

November 24, 2020


Thank you for joining us for another agent talk This week I have Drew Morris, who I've got to know through DMARs Market Trends Committee. He jumped on just a little bit before I did about 2.5 years ago, and he's been a real estate agent for 7.5 years and I bring up the half because he claims it just like I claim my half an inch.


Drew Morris is with Your Castle Real Estate. I wanted to bring him on board because he has some of the same views I have and looking at real estate as a wealth-building opportunity and right now, having been through the most turbulent year I can personally remember and not being quite done yet. So how do we continue on our path to 2021 into 2022, 2023? How do we engage with our clients on a very personal level to continue to support their success in real estate?

There is so much news to absorb whether or not we'll get shut down again, whether or not or how long, I should say before a vaccine comes out and we can return to whatever new normal looks like. What would you, and how do you relate to your clients today? How do you keep engaged with them so that you continue to be that adviser for them? I think being a person that is experiencing it firsthand and being a, I think a voice of reason, a voice of confidence. A very like, in a way, is like being even-keeled approach to things. That's something that my clients always mention. It's almost like a common theme where they could always rely on me to just kind of be even-keeled about things. No matter what's going on, the house could be burning down, and I'm like, OK, Well, here's what we're gonna do, just work through it.


 So while everybody is ramping up help, trying to bring that back down and slow it down can be super helpful. And that's something that I learned from the Marine Corps, actually, because you have to be in that kind of setting. Dealing with friction and dealing with emotional responses and emotional environment and unstable environment. You know, again, bringing that to the table has been super helpful.


Nicole asked, "As far as being the even keel kind of advisor, I think that there's a lot of stress, especially this year. Small things become very big very quickly, and to be able to have that person standing beside you and walking through because the long term opportunity and you even said you know before we started recording is that one of your main focus is to continue to educate people and advise them on the power of real estate. Real estate is a wealth-building vehicle. I couldn't agree more with that, especially when we're in the turbulence of the stock market and the economy and the environment. The one thing real estate does is increase in value." 

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