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Virtual Home Tours to Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors


Our Chalk Talk experts today are from They covered the benefits of using Matterport virtual home tours and tools, as well as a few other 360 view camera solutions to provide your potential clients added benefits to listing with you, buyers the preview of their next home, as well as added experiences through video and photos. In this episode Ryan, Tony and Chris walk you through how they integrate Matterport into their social media campaigns, marketing campaigns and other outreach. They don't want a listing to sit hoping to be discovered online, they are proactively pushing out every way to safely, effectively preview a property and do a transaction 100% online, with the option of the in-person inspection.

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Agents let your list know, I’m here, I’m informed, I’m an expert.


Be an expert in your field. Instead of posting, "Wash your hands..." You should be an expert in real estate or lending. Focus on that. This is the advice from Mike Reff, Co-Founder of Hey Mr.! He joins Nicole for this episode of Chalk Talk on The Double Comma Club. He guided those attending Agent Ignite through the idea that people need to position themselves to answer questions and provide a lot of advice. The payout will be later. He covered social stats and the decrease in app use. There is more desktop use since people aren't commuting. If you are focusing on mobile ads for Facebook, YouTube, and other apps, you may want to shift the focus back to their main sites. Consider leveraging video chats to cover the top of mind topics related to property values and promoting, inviting through NextDoor. Listen to this full episode to get a guide to how to rise above your competition, large or small. Highlights are below.

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Landlord Issues with Forbearance and Where Did All the Jumbos Go?


Obviously, as people go through the pipeline and their closings happening, we're not getting as many new people in the pipeline, so that will wane, but closings are still happening. Business, with respect to what you can and can't do, is still happening. Then, I want to kind of wrap this up, and then we'll open up for Q&A is, "What can you keep doing? How do you continue to stay engaged?" Keep learning new technologies, whether that's joining the class on Tuesday or doing a different technology, whatever suits you. This is the second half of the Coffee Talk session from April 1 - 

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Preparing Agents to be Able to Respond to the Rebound


Jobless claims came out yesterday, and they were actually down just a tick, which really doesn't help at all because we're sitting now after three weeks, we have 3.3 million three weeks ago, 6.6 million the week after that, and then just right at 6.6 million, so we had a little bit over that two weeks ago, and then this week, we just came in at 6.6 million. Those are some staggering numbers. Having said that, I am going to continue to go back to the fact that this is not a housing bubble. This is not an economic recession.

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Coffee Talk - Recapping the Week in Real Estate 03212020



Welcome to our first Agent Ignite Coffee Talk. I've got my water. As I was telling Jeremy Keen earlier, he's like, "Where's your coffee?" I'm two coffees in already, so I'm already a little shaky and I talk fast anyway, so I'm not sure you guys could keep up if I had a third. That's the New Yorker coming out in me. Our first weekly Agent Ignite Coffee Talk, we're going to do this until we don't. We're going to do this until things settle down again.

Right now, things are happening at light speed. It is just changing daily, and so the moment we don't need this anymore, we'll pull back to our monthly, but for right now, we do. The only Fridays that it won't happen on is the Friday that we have the third Thursday monthly agent night. We're going to hold true to that format. I've got Bruce Gardner coming in April. Hopefully, we'll all be back together again in May, but we've got an incredible speaker lineup for our monthly events.

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Your Questions Answered Forbearance, Rates, Fannie and Freddie

This episode followed the first portion of the new Agent Ignite Coffee Talk series on Friday mornings. This week questions poured in including these topics:

Forbearance, Unemployment claims, HELOC rates, FHA loans, investor rates, furloughed limitations in qualifying, COVID-19 addendums, rate locks, jumbo loans. Listen to this episode of The Double Comma Club.

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How to switch from transactional solutions to individualized solutions.


I have had many conversations this week with you, my referral partners, and your clients. These are challenging times. This is a new normal.. one we are not comfortable in. One that is fairly based in fear. But this is also the time our clients who are striving to maintain stability, striving to provide shelter for their family, or looking for opportunities to protect and grow their financial future against the volatility of the stock market. This is not the time to fall back. This is the time to stand tall in strength and confidence knowing you can help them navigate their real estate journey.

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