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Agents let your list know, I’m here, I’m informed, I’m an expert.


Be an expert in your field. Instead of posting, "Wash your hands..." You should be an expert in real estate or lending. Focus on that. This is the advice from Mike Reff, Co-Founder of Hey Mr.! He joins Nicole for this episode of Chalk Talk on The Double Comma Club. He guided those attending Agent Ignite through the idea that people need to position themselves to answer questions and provide a lot of advice. The payout will be later. He covered social stats and the decrease in app use. There is more desktop use since people aren't commuting. If you are focusing on mobile ads for Facebook, YouTube, and other apps, you may want to shift the focus back to their main sites. Consider leveraging video chats to cover the top of mind topics related to property values and promoting, inviting through NextDoor. Listen to this full episode to get a guide to how to rise above your competition, large or small. Highlights are below.

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