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April 29, 2020


Be an expert in your field. Instead of posting, "Wash your hands..." You should be an expert in real estate or lending. Focus on that. This is the advice from Mike Reff, Co-Founder of Hey Mr.! He joins Nicole for this episode of Chalk Talk on The Double Comma Club. He guided those attending Agent Ignite through the idea that people need to position themselves to answer questions and provide a lot of advice. The payout will be later. He covered social stats and the decrease in app use. There is more desktop use since people aren't commuting. If you are focusing on mobile ads for Facebook, YouTube, and other apps, you may want to shift the focus back to their main sites. Consider leveraging video chats to cover the top of mind topics related to property values and promoting, inviting through NextDoor. Listen to this full episode to get a guide to how to rise above your competition, large or small. Highlights are below.

Messaging for this time should be:

  1. I'm here to answer any questions about real estate.
  2. I am staying informed on all the changing rules and market updates and will keep you informed.
  3. You're never going to get as service as personalized as you would with an individual like me.

Technology three pieces:

  1. Facebook still a great platform and Facebook ads are still valuable because of their reach.
  2. A simple, clean website with clear messaging to validate your legitimacy as a trusted advisor. Clean up social, too. Do they all say the same thing - headshots, positions, companies, links?
  3. Email - how's that signature? It remains an effective, cheap, and easy to send out with updates with tips, market stats.

*Be cautious spending your marketing efforts on the current hot venue. Work with what has proven to be long-standing, reliable, effective. If you have extra time to learn a new venue, then do it after you have covered what already has been proven.

Top 2 Don'ts in Video:

  • Make your content date-specific - be evergreen, OR add the date at the top of the post because not everyone notices the PUBLISH date.
  • "Agents say all the time, 'I want to do video, I want to do video, it's a thing...' but they have no GOAL other than to 'do' video." Don't dive into video without a goal.

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