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What to expect in Q3 Since Our Usual Upswing Isn’t Happening


We have Steve Danyliw, who I am honored to have as long as I've known him, which hasn't been long enough. He has been if you will, the man behind the curtain of DMAR's Market Trends report. He is a data geek, which speaks to my heart. He started the market trends report back with Gary Bauer in 2012. He's been in the industry pretty much since birth since his second-generation realtor, but officially he's been in 18 years, so he's seen the cycles. He's seen the seasons, and this season is unlike anything else. So I wanted to ask Steve, especially this week when the market trends report just came out. Steve, what are you seeing this month?

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An Agent Using Change as the Opportunity to Gain Market Advantage


Jeremy Kane joins us with tips for gaining market share while protecting your buyers and sellers. He's a Broker Associate, Realtor at Broker's Guild Cherry Creek Ltd. 

Jeremy Kane has always been ready jump into the uncomfortable. His ability to switch gears and move quickly has kept his business steady through this pandemic. He shares some of the tactics he's using and how he's staying nimble, and even finding ways to be MORE effective and efficient during these times.

"I found I can be productive from my house, and be a great asset to my clients" - Jeremy Kane

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5 Agent Tips to Keep Your Edge and Your Humanity


In this Agent Talk, Nicole welcomes her long-time friend, Sarah Gallegos who hangs her Gallegos Team shingle with RE/MAX. In this 11-minute episode, Sarah gives us five simple tips in order to stay on top of our businesses, and sanity. These tips will be helpful long after COVID is something we talk about over wine at night.

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You cannot feel both gratitude and entitlement at the same time


We're back with another edition of Agent Talks, and I'm excited to bring Lindsey Benton, who is not only a dear friend. We've known each other for over five years, watching each other's businesses grow. What you have today with Live. Laugh. Denver is a tribe. You have this amazing group of people that have come around and you're all growing together, sharing together and learning together. And I want to share that with everybody else because you're one of the most positive, realistic people I know. You look at everything you dissect, you determine what's important and critical to today. And then what can I do to inspire my team moving forward? And I've watched you grow this team up and just brilliant. Lindsey, I want to start out with you know what the what? You have 15 people on your team licensed. How are you keeping them and yourself motivated and positive during all this change that we're working through?

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