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Real Estate is Essential, Realtors are Not

May 22, 2020



Sometimes as real estate industry professionals we get caught up in the success, in the transaction, counting units and production. Those are real and tangible and feel good. But when we celebrate the client's success, remembering who the real estate industry is really about, then we stop making it about us and are able to make a dramatic difference in people's lives for today and all of their tomorrows... it's multigenerational.

Nicole asked Bret, "What would you say is the one thing that you've learned during this time, right during COVID19? We've all had to rethink everything. What was the one thing that you've learned that really stands out?"

When we go back 10 20 30 years, in real estate. We sometimes it feels like we just lose our way and we start to focus on our commissions. We start to focus on the money, and we start to lose sight of value, our award ceremonies. It's based on production, not how many families we've helped. It's based on size. Not how many individuals do we help to achieve their goals, and sometimes we get so focused on those numbers and we forget that this is the biggest transaction in people's lives. In the past 20 to 30 years we've dropped the ball on that a little bit. As Realtors and real estate agents, we've allowed companies like these disruptors, the big companies -  Zillow, Redfin, all these companies to come in. Because we've been focused on not the consumer but on the general process and kind of where it takes us. 

It is much more important right now than it ever has been for us to focus on being of value to these people because there's a lot of people are gonna be put into really difficult positions and they're looking at us to be the experts. A lot of people have lost their jobs. If they can't refinance, if they can't call you to get something done and they got $200,000 of equity. We have to be that frontline, and there's going to be so many people out there that are gonna be taking advantage of that.

We said real estate agents are essential.
They're not.
They never have been.
They never will be.

We're a byproduct of something that is essential.

Bret says, "The real estate industry making that dramatic difference in people's lives that are essential. Hyper-focusing on that has really helped us to grow. And the nice thing is, if you build your business this way, it really seems like you get a lot more referrals. You get a lot more people who are actually coming to you because you're an expert. They know that you care.

If you're not sharing and you're thinking that everything is limited, then that's keeping you playing small. "

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