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Refi’s Just Got Better | Purchase VS Refinance


There are certain times in life where change is the best thing that could have ever happened. Sandra Thompson replacing Mark Calabria is one I will celebrate for a long while. 

Why? Well, Sandra Thompson gave us all a gift this past week by undoing the FHFA Adverse Market Fee.  This is a huge win for everyone trying to capitalize on the equity they have built up in their homes.  Mark Calabria initiated the Adverse Market Fee in August 2020 stating that there was "additional cost and risk" to FHFA with homeowners taking equity out of their homes.  What he was really doing was increasing capital levels during last year's historic refinance boom.  

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The Top Simple Tip to Become a Real Estate Investor.


Spoiler alert: Your real estate agent will not like this tip - not at all. This is only 4 minutes. Take notes. We don't want t spoil the math or the surprise.

Saving for Buying Real Estate in Your 20s.


How do you start in your 20's investing in real estate? You start with the first one. It's the toughest. Let's think of money in terms of buckets.
Your checking account feeds

  • short term expenses
  • Long term savings
  • outside investments
  • retirement

Consider setting up automatic transfers.

1 month of expenses, then the remainder rainy day fund, build this account up first.
50% monthly needs housing food - your short-term expenses for living and entertainment.
30% rainy day
20% retirement investment bucket.

To invest in real estate, consider saving $125/month. By the time you graduate college, you can afford to buy a home.
People who invest in real estate are 48x's wealthier than those who rent.

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing Part 1



This episode lumps together 4 episodes from the Real Estate Investing playlist on our YouTube channel. Catch these first four short episodes to get started, first with the logic and then to show how even with a modest income you can still build your retirement through real estate.

This 17-minute episode includes:

  • Good Buy, or Goodbye?
  • Creative Investing
  • Long Term Investments - Fact vs. Fiction
  • Turning Rental Income into Retirement Income.

Be sure to catch part two publishing next week.

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$33,472 Isn’t Enough for Retirement


Have you doubled your retirement fund this year? No one wants to get to retirement and realize they will run out of money before years. Or if they were honest, they may only have enough saved for a long vacation or small car, but not enough to be secure and continue to live their life as they want. In fact, the median American has only $33,472 saved for retirement. THAT ISN'T ENOUGH Did you know that the average homeowner in America gained $35,000 in appreciation during the last year? Add that to their retirement account and they just doubled their retirement savings. THAT'S the POWER of Real Estate.

Join me every Tuesday at 8 am MT on Facebook and Instagram as I go LIVE to discuss opportunities like this. Money may not buy you happiness but it can create opportunities to create a life you love.

Fact vs. Fiction: New Builds


Let's go through some of the facts and fiction of purchasing a brand new home. Let's start out with one that tends to be the main selling point for new builds. You can customize your home and the basic options included and/or upgrade options available. There's no need to pay a contractor after you've closed to redo that pink tile in the bathroom because you participated in the finishes for your home. Because you get to help in the design, new builds tend to feel much more like home right off the bat. So who doesn't want that?

This also means that your home is equipped with the monitored amenities so there's no upgrading needed once you move in, nor do you need to do that deep clean since you're the first homeowner. Another fact is that new builds in today's market can be easier to secure. Once you pick a builder and if they have a home available, you can secure it without competing against multiple buyers or over asking bids. Although finding a builder with a lot available in today's market is a bit harder these days. Colorado has luckily not yet gone to the lottery system for lots like some other states, Arizona. You should also prepare for a longer timeline and slightly higher costs given today's market conditions.

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False Summit or False Peak? DMAR June 2021


The second half of May seemed to open up a bit. But, sorry, it was a false peak. Less inventory came on the market and more buyers went out looking for it. Inventory was down 6% from last month, and down 14% from last year inventory.

6718 homes went under contract, which was up 17% last month, and up 3% from last year.
Active listings dropped last month. In fact, there was a 20% drop and inventory fell below 2000 homes for sale the second time this year. Listings are spending and average of four days on market.

You have to be ready to pounce, offer 30K over asking, without any contingences and ready to close in 2 weeks.

26% higher close - higher end homes.
23% higher close -medium priced homes.
$700,000 average closed price detached.

We are nowhere near the peak. Same with rates. Rates turned up mid-month.
Inflation jumped 4.2% - the highest in 13 years. Core inflation jumped to 3%. This was the highest monthly gain - EVER. Get the rest of the insights by listening to this 9 minute episode. More false peaks are expected.

8 Steps to Self-Leadership with Ryan Leak


Author, Speaker, Coach Ryan Leak is back! His book, Chasing Failure has been published. 8 steps to learn self-leadership starting now!

We laughed pretty hard and learned so much! Here are the questions covered:

1. What's it like to be around me?
2.  Do you know where you want to go?
     - What's one word you'd use to describe you?
     - What's one word others would use to describe you?
     - What's one word you'd like others to use to describe you?
3. What credit can I give away?
4. What mistakes can I own?
5. How can I get better? 
6. When can I make time to invest in myself. 
7. Whom am I investing in for the future?
8. Who knows who I really am? 

The Lowest Rate Doesn’t Mean Your Lender is Serving You Best


Nicole gives you three examples as to what a creative lender can do for you. Creative is another word for experienced here. When you simply go with the lowest rate without any other thought to the best financial plan for your longer goal, you are selling yourself short and most likely costing you and your family a lot of money. 

Tune in to hear these quick examples.

Fact vs. Fiction - Reverse Mortgages


Gabe Bodner, Reverse Mortgage specialist at The Rueth Team joins Nicole for this episode.

#1 myth: you give up the title of your house with Reverse Mortgage.
Bank or lender takes over the house.

You still own the house.

#2 myth: you can no longer pass the house to your heirs.

your heirs can inherit the home, pay off the reverse mortgage and inherit the additional equity above the reverse mortgage.

#3 myth: You're losing equity

FACT: Not losing but USING some of your equity.
Interest is added back to the loan through negative amortization. This does eat away at some of the equity, but based on interest rates on traditional loans, and growth and appreciation, you gain more equity than you are using and saving money on the loan if you need it.

#4 myth: You have to own your home free and clear

FACT: The existing mortgage balance can be absorbed or paid off.

This should be a loan of last resort. 
You have a better probability of financial success by utilizing a reverse mortgage sooner because it's a more efficient use of the equity in retirement.

Can I use a reverse mortgage for purchase OR a refi?
If I pull money out for a reverse mortgage are you limited on what you can use it for?
The equity money can be used for anything you want, including acquiring more real estate, paying taxes, gifting, converting an IRA to a ROTH IRA.
The proceeds received are TAX-FREE because it's considered a loan.

Listen to Nicole's happy ending story of how one couple retired and bought two income properties wiping out their mortgage and bringing in steady income.

Some additional information you may find helpful.

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