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Stay Active and Talk to People To Remain Valuable

Jenn Routon Madisoon and Co Propeties

When Nicole talked to Jenn about rolling with change and continuing to grow her business, the answers are so logical but easy to forget. Get some valuable reminders from Jenn as you do your best to not freak out with the constant changes in this time of masks, no masks, go out, stay home confusion. Relationships are the constant. The need for people and interacting doesn't change.


Jen Routon, Realtor® combines her love for real estate with her passion for working with great people to help them find the perfect home. Jen’s real estate career began in the Denver multifamily industry 20 years ago. In 2013, she joined Madison & Company Properties and hasn’t looked back. Jen is consistently in the “Top 10 Agents”. She currently serves on the Denver Metro Association of Realtors Board of Directors, Colorado’s largest Realtor Board.

Succeed During Change With Excellence and Ethics

Bridgett Modglin


Today's Agent Talk features a professional who raises the bar for all agents. Excellence and ethics are the core of what drives her to treat each client and listing - no matter what price range the same, with the same care and dedication. Get to know her in this edition of The Double Comma Club.

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Agents - avoid being annoying online - be of value to community.

Susan Finch


Susan Finch gives agents practical tips regarding video, online meetings, and how to keep from making a fool of yourself when you meet prospects virtually. From how to stand for a headshot, your HD face, warnings about automatic transcripts, video editing tips that no one talks about.


Susan also covers equipment tips, online meeting tips, and enough suggestions to make your head explode. Grab what you can from here, there are dozens of practical and humorous tips.

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Virtual Home Tours to Give You an Edge Over Your Competitors


Our Chalk Talk experts today are from They covered the benefits of using Matterport virtual home tours and tools, as well as a few other 360 view camera solutions to provide your potential clients added benefits to listing with you, buyers the preview of their next home, as well as added experiences through video and photos. In this episode Ryan, Tony and Chris walk you through how they integrate Matterport into their social media campaigns, marketing campaigns and other outreach. They don't want a listing to sit hoping to be discovered online, they are proactively pushing out every way to safely, effectively preview a property and do a transaction 100% online, with the option of the in-person inspection.

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Be willing to fail and think of your agents as your clients.


Learning how to fail is one of the best lessons learned in an industry as humbling as Real Estate. Life, and your career, is a marathon not a sprint with the goal of collecting memories instead of trophies because as we all know, trophies collect dust. Jeff thinks of his agents as his client. His job is to solve their problems so they can do what they do best - real estate transactions to solve the problems of THEIR clients.

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Denver Metro Market Trends July 2020 - Get Those Sellers Moving!


Get me off this COVID-19 rollercoaster! Cases are resurging closing businesses that just opened while risking the recent good news of job creations and lower unemployment we saw from economic reopenings in May and June. The Fed is poised to act to keep rates low and urged lawmakers to accelerate the fourth stimulus package before programs end July 31st. Locally, Denver's housing market remains strong with growing pending home sales, almost full recovery of closed homes compared to 2019, and appreciating values due to scarce inventory. 

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Lower Interest Rates Have More Benefits Than You Realize


Interest rates are at an all-time low which means a lower monthly payment. But how much? If you are thinking of purchasing a home for $400,000 with 15% down at 4.25%, between taxes, mortgage interest, insurance, and principal, your monthly payment would be around $2,125. BUT that same home purchased at 3.25%, that would lower your payment to about $1,900. What are you going to do with that saved $225/month? If you put that saving BACK into your home, you'd pay off your mortgage 6 years earlier. This would also save you $41,000 in interest. Listen to the rest of this 3-minute tip to get more information.

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Competitors aligning, fun with your team and riding the wave of change.


It's 2020 and we are all being challenged to think outside of the box. You have to put the wide lens on to make sure your plan of action encompasses everything you value and what makes your company unique. And when it comes to real estate, an industry based on connections, it's even more important. This week we are spending time with Jana Miller, Managing Broker of Live Urban Real Estate.

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Colorado New Home Construction Trends and Recommendations


Nicole's guest is redT Homes CEO, Nathan Adams. He brings a unique perspective to the real estate market in the Denver Metro area because his firm's sweet spot is new construction. First, they covered the growing popularity of townhomes over condos because of shared spaces, including elevators. A townhome is your own germs, your front door is your own. 

Closings for his firm have gone way up to give them their best month in the 15-year history of their company.

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Your first real estate investment, it really is that easy.


Nicole asked Rylan Pyciak for his advice for the first time investor. He says, 
"Learn, get educated, attend the seminars, find a trusted advisor, then jump and make the move!"

He's putting this in practice while fulfilling the requirements by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae before adding his next property. His goal is to own five or six properties. 

A New Investor Story | It Really Is That Easy
Anyone can become a real estate investment owner. There I said it. This is an opportunity that is open to anyone. And the best part is that it can provide so much for not only your current monthly income but it can help you build wealth exponentially over time. I had the chance to sit down with Rylan Pyciak, who has done a phenomenal job over the last 13 months EASILY kicking off his investment portfolio and securing his financial future, even during times such as these. As a business owner, he knew he needed to add to his portfolio to create financial stability. He knew that just owning his company wasn't enough. I'm grateful that he took the time to share what the most important steps were to him in the process. In turn, I hope this can help you know how to start the process of becoming not only a homeowner but own multiple investment properties. Because when you build wealth through real estate you open up a multitude of possibilities.

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