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It's 2020 and we are all being challenged to think outside of the box. You have to put the wide lens on to make sure your plan of action encompasses everything you value and what makes your company unique. And when it comes to real estate, an industry based on connections, it's even more important. This week we are spending time with Jana Miller, Managing Broker of Live Urban Real Estate.

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Colorado New Home Construction Trends and Recommendations


Nicole's guest is redT Homes CEO, Nathan Adams. He brings a unique perspective to the real estate market in the Denver Metro area because his firm's sweet spot is new construction. First, they covered the growing popularity of townhomes over condos because of shared spaces, including elevators. A townhome is your own germs, your front door is your own. 

Closings for his firm have gone way up to give them their best month in the 15-year history of their company.

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Your first real estate investment, it really is that easy.


Nicole asked Rylan Pyciak for his advice for the first time investor. He says, 
"Learn, get educated, attend the seminars, find a trusted advisor, then jump and make the move!"

He's putting this in practice while fulfilling the requirements by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae before adding his next property. His goal is to own five or six properties. 

A New Investor Story | It Really Is That Easy
Anyone can become a real estate investment owner. There I said it. This is an opportunity that is open to anyone. And the best part is that it can provide so much for not only your current monthly income but it can help you build wealth exponentially over time. I had the chance to sit down with Rylan Pyciak, who has done a phenomenal job over the last 13 months EASILY kicking off his investment portfolio and securing his financial future, even during times such as these. As a business owner, he knew he needed to add to his portfolio to create financial stability. He knew that just owning his company wasn't enough. I'm grateful that he took the time to share what the most important steps were to him in the process. In turn, I hope this can help you know how to start the process of becoming not only a homeowner but own multiple investment properties. Because when you build wealth through real estate you open up a multitude of possibilities.

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Deeper Conversations Lead to Stronger, Longer Business Relationships


Get to know Lori Pace who is way more than an associate broker at Kentwood. This movement leader, compassionate, talented agent talks with Nicole on this Agent Talk episode on The Double Comma Club. Here's a taste, "What I did differently last year changed my business significantly. I stopped focusing on the revenue and started focusing on the relationship. And by me being me, my business almost doubled because I stopped pretending that I was just a Realtor because I am not just a Realtor. I think a lot of us do this, we pretend that we don't have families. We pretend that we don't have loss. We pretend that everything is okay. I stopped pretending and showing up and being real about it.

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Offer Safety and Security, Not Bricks and Sticks.


Nicole's guest today is Nilmini Hecox. She left us with an interesting perspective as an immigrant from Sri Lanka, turned real estate agent. Our real estate culture here stuns her. As she has become more vulnerable and personal with her clients, she's gained so many insights and stronger relationships. Nilmini says, "The service I offer is about safety and security, not bricks and sticks. We are in the midst of this wave of change that may never reach the shore." Please listen to this 10-minute episode of her story and what she has done to ride this wave of change for the benefit of her clients.

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Denver Metro Market Trends June 2020 - Whose Market Is It?


2020 has been a year of historical proportions (what else could possibly happen?) and it’s changed the real estate market. Buyers and sellers alike are no longer only asking, “Do we love this home,” but are now asking questions like, “Is it big enough to work from home?” “Does it provide opportunity and space for my children to play if schooling at home?” And, ultimately, “Is it safe?”

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Back to Basics to Build Your Long-term Value to Your Clients


When everyone is looking for a shiny penny, the technology to bring in more business, Euan is focusing on the basics. "At the end of the day, you are your business." You've got to KNOW how you are approaching your business, the value you are bringing to your clients, and your differentiator. If you can't express the simple 'why' you do what you do; you can't serve the people you were meant to serve. This week we visit with Euan Graham, DMAR Chair, Realtor Madison and Company and get the simple perspective from an Immigrant.

"Life is too short to be around negative people." – Euan Graham

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The Market is Rebounding


The economy is finding it's footing as people move from safer at home to back to work.. as restaurants and stores begin to open and some sort of new normal takes shape. Real estate is bouncing back with a resurgence in demand and opportunities ... even in this "recession". The nation as a whole is suffering shortages, and demand is ramping up so prices are going up and up! Key indicators suggested before pandemic there would be higher demand, but because unemployment has skyrocketed, the market dropped in April. But get the full story here.


Nicole Rueth
The Rueth Team of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
750 W Hampden Avenue, Suite 500 Englewood, CO 80110

Real Estate is Essential, Realtors are Not



Sometimes as real estate industry professionals we get caught up in the success, in the transaction, counting units and production. Those are real and tangible and feel good. But when we celebrate the client's success, remembering who the real estate industry is really about, then we stop making it about us and are able to make a dramatic difference in people's lives for today and all of their tomorrows... it's multigenerational.

Nicole asked Bret, "What would you say is the one thing that you've learned during this time, right during COVID19? We've all had to rethink everything. What was the one thing that you've learned that really stands out?"

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Forbearance Waiting Period Issue Solved Through FHFA


Forbearance GREAT News for Your Clients.  You've heard me talking about how brutal the consequences were for taking a forbearance. It was something the designers of the Cares Act did not foresee. It took FHFA 6 weeks to figure it out. But they finally did. Listen to find out how the 12-month waiting period just got reduced to zero or three months and a quick summary of the four options for exiting a forbearance and their timing updates.

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