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Zoom Logic for Beginners and Gems for More Advanced Users

July 29, 2020

Ray Eickhoff of Fairway Ignite teaches agents

We know we still have some reluctant hold outs, but for the most part, we have all been participating in at least a few Zoom meetings, or in other venues. Ray Eickhoff has a few tips that even experienced Zoomers may not know or have forgotten. This was the Q&A session after an Agent Ignite session hosted by Nicole Rueth.


This Chalk Talk is from April 2020 - the height of COVID-19 and the Zoom Boom. There are tips in there for advanced users that they sometimes overlook. Ray also explains the logic behind some of the tools to help newer users. But what will you do to maximize the value of these free venues? How are you using it to connect? Although we're all more comfortable on Zoom and similar platforms, this is still timely. Zoom continues to evolve, as do the other platforms. Tune in to this Chalk Talk for a refresher and reminder course on Zoom.