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Landlord Issues with Forbearance and Where Did All the Jumbos Go?

April 18, 2020


Obviously, as people go through the pipeline and their closings happening, we're not getting as many new people in the pipeline, so that will wane, but closings are still happening. Business, with respect to what you can and can't do, is still happening. Then, I want to kind of wrap this up, and then we'll open up for Q&A is, "What can you keep doing? How do you continue to stay engaged?" Keep learning new technologies, whether that's joining the class on Tuesday or doing a different technology, whatever suits you. This is the second half of the Coffee Talk session from April 1 - 

Preparing Agents to be Able to Respond to the Rebound

In this episode, the questions included:

Clients looking to buy - should they sell their home or rent - what are the risks?

Landlords are dealing with renters having the same options that homeowners have with forbearance. What does that mean for them?

How can you be in compliance with state laws and policies, but still serve those who HAVE to sell, who HAVE to buy?

Will there be incentives for first time home buyers as there were in 2008 and 2010?

Any ideas or thoughts of rates and what they will do over the next month or two?

Why jumbos are going away and why are they harder to find?

With people looking for new loans, what are credit minimums and BPI maximums for FHA and conventional?

If you have a 3.875% interest rate - where is the threshold to see a profit with a refinance?

Listen to this full episode to get all of Nicole's insights and results from her research for the week.

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