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Giving Agents the Tools to Be Essential Human Resources for Buyers and Sellers

October 16, 2020


Nicole gives us a chance to meet the new CEO of DMAR, Nobu Hata. Nobu tells us the plans for membership support and value-added benefits.

Nicole asks him some questions that you will want to hear the answers to, even if you are not in the DMAR Sphere. His perspective includes what he learned working at NAR.

  • Working with the Realtors, your wife, and those in your community, do you think it changed your perspective and how you expected to enter DMARs community? Or do you think you're right in alignment with where you were when you left NAR?
  • What is your primary focus,  and how do you want to change DMA to support the membership or the experience that your DMAR community is facing today?
  • Talk a little bit about your vision in the space of services and content that will benefit and support members.
  • What's going to be the next disruptive company?
  • Suppose you're meeting a newer agent who's considering entering the association, what advice would you give that agent?