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Agents - time to practice lightness, levity, and leadership.

March 22, 2020


Stefani Shock joins Nicole Rueth in this Agent Ignite special edition from March 2020. The overall theme is calm leadership is what we need - lightness, levity, and leadership. You need to shift into a sales mindset and be a calm leader for your clients. That's what they need.

In addition to this productive coaching session, Stefani walks agents through rethinking, reconsidering Facebook Live and other video options to reach prospects, stay of value to clients, and continue to be a resource of knowledge for all things real estate. This episode comes on the heels of Nicole's outstanding wealth of statistics, facts and ideas she shared during her monthly Agent Ignite session. It's time for all of us to use our expertise to lift up our collegues and clients as they hold on tight during this current shift in how we do things.

Catch the previous episode here. 

Guides for You to Help Your Clients Design a Strategy to Maintain and Hold On

Stefani also suggested a couple of items to make it easier for you to create videos on your own, with very little cost or outside assistance.

Motion Stabilizer suggestion for Apple products.

External mic for iPhone.

Tips for Facebook Live interviews with your strategic partners, vendors, clients, agents:

1. It cannot be done from Safari if you are using a desktop app. You'll need to use Chrome.

2. If using your phone Facebook app, be sure to turn your phone sideways to allow for side by side display BEFORE YOU GO LIVE.

3. Set up your guest ahead of time to join your live session, then, once they are in, you can see them in viewers, and invite them into the side by side session.

4. To add someone else, you'll need to x out of the other person and then invite the next person.

For those who attended the live broadcast, they received a coupon for Stefani's ebook. Learn more about the Agent Ignite series from Nicole Rueth here >

About Nicole's guest:

After ten years in the industry selling property in Manhattan and luxury homes in the Bahamas, Stefani Shock became a full-time coach and consultant to realtors and brokers. She increased the income and the happiness of her clients and students through her online courses, one-on-one, and group coaching. From Rookies to Seasoned Brokers, she delivers results.​