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How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing Part 1



This episode lumps together 4 episodes from the Real Estate Investing playlist on our YouTube channel. Catch these first four short episodes to get started, first with the logic and then to show how even with a modest income you can still build your retirement through real estate.

This 17-minute episode includes:

  • Good Buy, or Goodbye?
  • Creative Investing
  • Long Term Investments - Fact vs. Fiction
  • Turning Rental Income into Retirement Income.

Be sure to catch part two publishing next week.

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Your first real estate investment, it really is that easy.


Nicole asked Rylan Pyciak for his advice for the first time investor. He says, 
"Learn, get educated, attend the seminars, find a trusted advisor, then jump and make the move!"

He's putting this in practice while fulfilling the requirements by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae before adding his next property. His goal is to own five or six properties. 

A New Investor Story | It Really Is That Easy
Anyone can become a real estate investment owner. There I said it. This is an opportunity that is open to anyone. And the best part is that it can provide so much for not only your current monthly income but it can help you build wealth exponentially over time. I had the chance to sit down with Rylan Pyciak, who has done a phenomenal job over the last 13 months EASILY kicking off his investment portfolio and securing his financial future, even during times such as these. As a business owner, he knew he needed to add to his portfolio to create financial stability. He knew that just owning his company wasn't enough. I'm grateful that he took the time to share what the most important steps were to him in the process. In turn, I hope this can help you know how to start the process of becoming not only a homeowner but own multiple investment properties. Because when you build wealth through real estate you open up a multitude of possibilities.

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Taking the Trips You Want Without Hoarding Your Money and Living on Ramen.


Real Estate Makes The Millionaire with Heidi Humber

Meet Heidi Humber, this month's second Denver local who successfully made her fortune in real estate. Following her retired parents' footsteps, Heidi invested in two fourplexes. When Heidi retires, her fourplexes will be paid off and will provide her family with a steady stream of income. Hear Heidi's story and call The Rueth Team today to learn more about how you can retire with a passive income! We also invite you to check out our monthly Investment Empire Building Class - Click The Link to see when our next class is and RSVP 

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The game of Monopoly in Real Life - what do you own, who pays you.


Real Estate Makes The Millionaire with Mike Hills

Today, Nicole is interviewing Mike Hills, who turned his first investment of $8,000 after graduating college into over $200,000 in profit after 20 years if he sold today. Watch Mike's story and give The Rueth Team a call to kickstart your own life-changing investment story today.

We also invite you to check out our monthly Investment Empire Building Class -
Click to see when our next class is and RSVP


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