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Let your home help you make money in your sleep.


With a positive highlight from this year being consistent low-interest rates, you may not realize how your home is working for you already. You may be making money in your sleep. And if you haven't purchased a home yet or refinanced the one you want to stay in, this is the time.  Align yourself with an experienced Realtor so they can help you realize your dream of owning real estate, or making more money in equity from the property you already own.


Financial Independence for Early Retirement through House Hacking


Nicole's guest today is Zeona McEntyre. In this episode, they talk about house hacking to financial freedom. House hacking is the way that Zeona thought to be financially independent. And her role now is really just to help empower people, inspire people and get them excited about what's possible. People they think, "Oh yeah, financial independence or early retirement, that's for other people, that can't happen for me. Or if I'm going to do that, it's going to take me 15 years." But she did it in two years with house hacking. She also believes it's really doable in five and traditional people that are doing just financial independence with index funds, they do it in about 10. So it's almost about just knowing it's possible and then allowing yourself to have that.

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Don’t Be Afraid of No from Your Lender


There's No Bubble to Burst
I keep hearing that people are waiting for the Denver market to cool down to buy or sell. But is that the best plan? Appreciation is at 6.9% year to date, which mean phenomenal growth for those who have purchased and opportunity for those just diving in. How do I know? Because three years ago I was sitting in my backyard saying nearly the same thing. The difference between now and then? Low interest rates.

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Know Your Loan Options Renovation, CHFA, Jumbo, Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA

Know Your Loan Options FHA, USDA, and VA

This is a recap of the tips in September. They include information about all types of loans, limits, how they benefit you including Renovation, CHFA, Jumbo, Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA.

I mean who are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

(Hint: Unfortunately not the neighbors down the street)

As consumers we all want to make sure we understand .. and can take advantage of, our options. Particularly when it’s funding possibly the largest purchase you've ever made! Yet with so many loan options how do you know where to begin?!

Renovation loans are a great option for those who have purchased a home or investment property that needs a bit of TLC. Take advantage of the great appreciation we've had to make your current home your forever home. Old musty carpet and overly patterned tile might go out of style, but leveraging the wealth you've gained by owning your home hasn't.

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