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Housing Was, Is and Will be Strong -DMAR April 2020

April 3, 2020


DMAR’s April Market Trends Report highlights the strength of the overall housing and economic market going into what will be known as one of the most surreal experiences you and I have – and, likely, will ever have - in our lifetimes.

Let me first acknowledge the human tragedy of COVID-19.

To those who lost loved ones, jobs, financial stability, and so much more; I hope you find the strength to help us all move past this dark chapter in history.

As optimistic I am about the future long-term future of our economy, the significant downturn and its effects will be felt throughout every industry throughout the short-term. The effects will be felt for the long-term in some industries, but I stand convinced the economy will race to normalcy once COVID-19 withdraws and we fully reopen the economy from social isolation.

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